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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Slow Logon Fix

Yesterday, I  finally decided to install the Windows 10 “Anniversary” update. It took a while but everything worked, of course I had a full back up prior to installation.

The next morning my logon screen was there and when I hit control alt delete, a the spinning circle began. It stayed that way for over an hour (Yes, I waited while I worked on my Laptop.), until I decided it was enough. I hit control alt delete again and it allowed me to enter my password and logged me in.

Everything post logon was normal. I rebooted and the same thing, this time about 10 minutes, a third time, again, another 10 minutes. I had enough! Tonight, I decided to look in to some forums to find a solution. Suggestions cropped up from basic OS troubleshooting to suggestion to reinstall! One forum mentioned video drives as a potential issue. I did a bit of research and sure enough there was an Anniversary update driver. I installed the driver, rebooted and like magic I was back to normal.

I lost the link to the forum post reboot, I should have saved it and added it to this post. My apologies to whom ever ran the site out there in the almost infinite internet!

I hope this helps someone.


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For Microsoft Partners Only

Information Technology departments across the globe have started are in the initial stages of moving any one part of their infrastructure services to the cloud. Microsoft has taken the world by storm with Office 365. I must admit at first, like many IT professionals, I was hesitant to move to Office 365.  After learning more about I decided to get O365 certified. This brought a set of challenges, I realized I do not have a test environment! At first it wasn’t much of an issue. I would test things out with trial accounts, not a bad idea 25 users, etc. Not a bad idea but it was getting old quickly!

The solution

My employer was a Microsoft Partner and as a partner there are benefits. One of these not so well known benefits is the Office 365 Demo Site! This site allows the creation of up to 6 tenants. It has changes over time, they use to allow the license category selections and the term for a tenant was 6 months before it was automatically removed. The new terms is 3 months for automatic deletion of tenants and one license scheme. Either way it is a great place to for testing.

Below is a quick guide on how to get started.

Step 1 – Sign In

Visit the Demo Site and sign in.

Microsoft Demos

Microsoft Demo

Step 2 – Create Tenant

Once signed in you will be taken to the dashboard, in Home and under My Demo Environments you will have the option to “Create a New Demo Environment”, click on the + sign.

Microsoft Partner Demo

Step 3 – Chose Tenant type and/or Industry

You will see the options for tenant creations, sometimes there are many options. I think it depends on what Microsoft is pushing for the year. Not long ago it they had all Enterprise Tiers even the E5.

When I took this screen shot I only had the one shown below.

Microsoft Partner Demo

Select the tenant type.

Microsoft Partner Demo

Under Industry you have more options.

Microsoft Partner Demo

Once you select one select finish at this prompt.

Microsoft Partner Demo

Step 4 Take note of you tenant name

After it completes you will be taken to the Dashboard were you will be provided with the tenant domain name, administrator account and password. The tenant domain name is where the green dot is located in the screen shot below.

Microsoft Partner Demo

That is all there is to it. Now you can test, demo, etc with a real live Office 365 Tenant without the need of 30 trials.